Most of us carry around a water bottle, which is a good thing. But did you know some water bottles are better than others? And the water that goes in those bottles should also be an important consideration, too. Especially with the heat of the summer right around the corner.

The water bottles that are sold by the case are intended for one use only: drink the water then toss – or hopefully recycle – the bottle. Some people continue to refill those bottles, though, which is not a good idea. Some claim that the chemicals that make up that type of plastic actually break down and leach small amounts over long periods of time into the water you put in the bottle.

Portable water bottles are just too convenient not to use, but there is a healthier way to get your recommended amount of water. Using glass water bottles (or those made without bisphenol A, also known as BPA) that can be refilled and even frozen with no ill effects is a better choice than the one-use bottles. They are better for the environment and better for your health. And most people can’t tell the difference between tap and store-bought bottled water, so refilling those reusable water bottles is easier and more economical than buying cases of water at the store.

Consider buying the right water bottle for you and your whole family. Taking water with you wherever you go is a good way to stay hydrated and it’s easy to do with refillable water bottles.