Robert W. Dappen, MD

Even after 29 years in practice, Dr. Dappen still has patients from his very first years in practice and is continually inspired by them to excel in his field.

In fact, when Dr. Dappen was in medical school, cardiology was a difficult specialty because when people got heart disease, had heart attacks, congestive heart failure or valve disease there was little that could be done to treat the basic problems. Most had a prognosis that was worse than having cancer. Now the life span and prognosis for patients are dramatically prolonged due to advances in the cardiac catheterization techniques and catheter based interventions along with collaboration with cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeons, scientific researchers and advances in medical devices and pharmaceutical therapy.

Dr. Dappen has been in private practice in Arizona for 24 years after spending five years in a solo internal medicine practice in South Dakota. He is proud to have worked and collaborated with other physicians at Chandler Regional to develop the cardiac program from its origins to the thriving cardiac center it is today. He reports that the formation of H20 has been a significant catalyst for physician and hospital collaboration and has him “very excited about future directions of this joint venture.”

Married for 40 years to his wife Cindy, Dr. Dappen is blessed to have three children and three very special grandchildren.

Some people would be surprised to know that Dr. Dappen grew up on the farm in South Dakota and has always loved the outdoors. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and loves to take his grandkids camping in the wilds of Arizona. He loves photography, especially underwater photography. He is a skilled scuba diver, having completed over 900 dives around the world, with over 120 of those being shark dives. “Some people think I’m crazy but I think nothing of jumping off a boat into shark infested waters,” Dr. Dappen says. “I just make sure I’m with a bunch of slower swimmers.”

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