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Mission Statement

Heart Health Organization is committed to serving the community by providing a superior standard of cardiovascular care to our patients. We achieve excellence in utilizing state of the art technology to provide care in a compassionate and cost effective manner while upholding the highest standard of ethics.

Who We Are

Heart Health Organization East Valley (H2O) is a team of thirty doctors representing fifteen separate practices, performing a variety of cardiovascular services. It is our mission to offer comprehensive care to the cardiac patients of Chandler Regional Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. Our team represents medical and interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and cardiovascular surgeons from sixteen different groups across the East Valley. Our team offers a refreshing approach to medicine. Working as a collaborative team, we offer a variety of expertise and solutions to meet your cardiac needs. Facilitating communication with our team, patients and their families, and hospital staff, we coordinate care plans to benefit you, our patient. H2O is the only group in Arizona that has a private practice cardiologist available in the hospital 7am to 7pm daily, as well as an on-call cardiologist. That means patients who present as heart patients in the emergency room are seen by a cardiologist immediately. 100% of heart attack patients are treated well within ninety minutes of arrival to the ER with majority being treted within 60-70 minutes. That is the nation’s top benchmark. Patients treated by the H2O team for heart attacks or heart failure have fewer complications, fewer re-admissions, and a short hospital length of stay compared to the national average. They report a 95 out of 100 satisfaction rate, which is well above the 92.9 national average. The H2O team has set goals to improve patient satisfaction by minimizing radiation and kidney problems from imaging tests, resulting in a reduction of unneeded admissions and delays in appropriate care. We also have fewer heart re-operations than in the top 10% of hospitals nationally. And we’re constantly seeking ways to better service our patients. For more information about Heart Health Organization East Valley (H2O) services, please email h2oeastvalley@gmail.com. We offer comprehensive cardiac services from prevention and early detection programs to cardiac rehabilitation for in and out patients in association with Chandler Regional Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.

About Company

Heart Health Organization was founded in 2013 by a group of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons in Chandler and Gilbert area with a mission to provide the best care to our patients with our collaborative efforts among not only our members but also with the area hospitals.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the highest standards of quality healthcare and professional services based on latest guidelines and clinical practices. Our providers and staff are appropriately qualified and undergo regular training to remain abreast of changes in technology.

Our Services

Our physicians are highly skilled not only in preventive care but also in all other modern and state of the art technology, therefore leading to the best care to our patients. Our Cardiac CT, Cardiothoracic surgery, Elecrophysiology, all Coronary interventions and Peripheral Arterial programs are highly regarded.

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